Civil Lawsuits & Trials

The first important decision you face when filing or defending a lawsuit is to choose the right attorney for you or your business. S&S attorneys have a wealth of experience prosecuting and defending all types of civil lawsuits including commercial litigation, breach of contract, real estate matters, negligence, insurance coverage disputes (including bad faith actions), employment, and personal injury.

The litigation process can be long and complicated -- starting with filing or answering the initial complaint, attending hearings, discovery, and could continue all the way to trial. The lawyers at S&S will work with you throughout all the phases of a lawsuit, counseling you about the law and the various options and decisions you will have to make. Our focus on detail and strategy has worked for many of our clients to resolve their cases quickly and effectively.

Every case is different, thus each case has to be individually evaluated by an attorney. Contact an attorney at S&S for an evaluation and analysis of your case to get the information you need to protect all that you've built.