Labor & Employment

What people do for a living is one of the most singularly important things about them. Many people work more than they sleep. Not only does work provide for a person's economic well-being, it also provides an important social vehicle and a primary means of establishing one's self-esteem and value in society.

When a startup company hires its first employee, it has taken a very big step -- bigger than the principals of the company might realize. For a business to hire an employee is the equivalent of a teenager becoming an adult. There are many legal issues that arise when employees are brought onboard -- although in the long run, these are "good problems" for a new business to have because it means the businesses are growing and becoming more profitable. Some of the issues that we can help guide employers through this process are:
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Problems with the Labor Board
  • Employees and "Independent Contractors"
  • Disabled Employees
  • Harassment and Discrimination
S&S devotes a substantial amount of its resources and time to the legal issues related to labor and employment. We represent and advise both employers and individuals with issues in the employment field and consider labor and employment law both a crucial part of our practice and of critical importance to our clients.