Adam Zamost

Associate attorney Adam Zamost believes transparency builds great client-lawyer relationships, and it win cases. Being upfront and honest helps him get ahold of critical information that other lawyers can’t. The in-house intellectual property expert also covers contract law, products liability, negligence and lemon law cases.

Before becoming a lawyer, Adam worked in the entertainment industry. His customer-facing position put him in front of a lot of unhappy people. He learned that making a client happy is all about listening instead of talking, being honest, and taking time to address all of their concerns. He can also keep a smile on his face, even if he’s being screamed at, which is invaluable when it pertains to the legal profession.

Adam graduated from Loyola Law School with a specialization in Intellectual Property Law. There he volunteered for the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, where he helped veterans claim their disability benefits. Before that, he studied Film & Media and Business at UC Irvine.

When he’s not working, he’s spending time with his family — a wife, a young son, and three dogs.

Adam Zamost

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